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The Information about Lake Kivu

Lake Kivu is located on the borderline of DRC and Rwanda. It has the highest length of 89 km and a width of 48 km. it also covers a surface area of about 2,700km sq , average depth of 240m, a maximum depth of 480m, a water volume of 500km , a surface elevation of 1460m. The islands on the lake also include; Goma Bukavu, Idjwi all found in Congo, the settlement areas that are around also include; Cyangugu and Kibuye , all inside Rwanda.

 The attractions in Lake Kivu

Just away from the main resort, this lake gives the visitors a rewarding glimpse into the ancient African life styles. In this place, the fishermen ply the water in the dugout canoes unchanged in the design for the centuries, as the colorful dressed ladies smoke traditional wooden pipes and the troubadours strum on the stringed iningire. The birdlife here is so fantastic, the flotillas of the pelicans sail across the open water, the crowned cranes preen their golden crests in the nearby swamps while the jewel like malachite king fisher’s hawk that stays above the shores.

lake kivu rwanda

The Activities in Lake Kivu

  • Boat Cruise

You can take a boat ride between the towns of Kibuye, Gisenyi and Cyagugu. You can hire a pirogue to visit the nearby unoccupied Islands.

  • Relaxing

You can sip a sundowner on the lake shores as you enjoy the sunset.

The tour introduction.

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 The Daily run of the safari

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About Lake Kivu

The lake is located on the boarder of Rwanda and DRC. it is only 89 km in length and 48km wide and covers an area of 2700 sq km at an average depth of 240m with maximum depth of 480 m. it has a water volume of over 500 k and surface elevation on 1, 460m. the Islands that are found on this lake are Goma Bukuva, Idjwi and the settlement areas include Kibuye, and Cyangugu. The lake is also among the main lakes in Africa with in the Albertine western Rift, and is part of the Great Rift Valley. This lake also pours into River Ruzizi and flows southwards to Lake Tanganyika.




The Geography and Fisheries

This lake also covers an area of 2700 sq km and the height of 1460m above the sea level.  The bottom of the lake rests on the rift valley floor that is pulling apart thus resulting into volcanic action with in the area making it very deep at 480m and is ranked as the 15th deepest lake in the world. The lake is also surrounded by the beautiful mountains. More so, the 10th largest island is found on this lake and some of the villages on this lake include, Goma, Kalehe, Bukavu, and Kabare plus Kibuye and Cyangungu found in Rwanda. Among the fish species, are the Clarias, Haplochromis and the Nile Tilapia that was introduced in the lake with the Tanganyika Sardine.

The chemistry

Lake Kivu one of the 3 recognized exploding lakes that experience spiteful lake overturns. The analytical views of the geological history show a monotonous large biological extinction close to over 1000 years in this lake. The cause of these overturns are not known but the irregular eruptive action is also expected. The gas chemicals composition of the exploding lakes is so unique to each lake and mostly Lake Kivu methane and carbon dioxide as a result of Lake water mixing with a volcano. The main danger of Lake Kivu also gets turn overs would be very dangerous since there are many people living near the lake basin.

The scientists also think that the volcanic interactions with the water bed of the lakes have high pressure gas concentrations may hit up water hence forcing the methane away from the water, thus resulting into methane explosion, and bringing about the escape of carbon dioxide. The carbonic acid gas would kill many people on the lake basin.

The methane from the Lake was considered to be cheap natural resource for the export and generation of energy. But as the chemical mechanism which brought about the lake overturns started, the threat of the lake action to the nearby community. The experiment vent pipe in 2001 with in Lake Nyos to degas the lake deep waters though this would be very expensive. However, there are no places that are put in place to reduce this threat to the people who live nearby.

 About Methane extraction

Just recently, Lake Kivu was discovered to have about 55 billion cc of methane gas which is in the liquid form at a depth of 1000 ft or 300 m. and in 2004, the extraction of this gas was done on small scale and then distilled gas used the swim for the run boilers at the Bralirwa brewery that is located in Gisenyi. The government of Rwanda is in talks with many parties to as much as large scale extraction of this resource to get methane from the lake. This extraction is also considered to e cheap and easy since the water rich in gas is also pumped all the dissolved gases begin to bubble as the force of the water slowly reduces. The project is also to increase power generation in Rwanda to 20 times and will enable the country to sell power to its nearby countries.


Human History

The first European German count Adolf Von Gotzen was the first to visit the lake in 1894. Since then, it has been mixed up in contradictions between the Hutu and Tutsi people in Rwanda, and this resulted on the Rwanda Genocide in 1994 and the first plus second Congo war. For real, many dead bodies were seen floating on this lake after the genocide.