Volcanoes National Park Rwanda

The Five things to do in Volcanoes National park

For the many wildlife, a range of treks as well as hikes and the window into the country’s history also includes Volcanoes National park in one of your Africa’s Itinerary. Rwanda is also a must visit destination with in Africa and receives many of the tourists from different parts of the world. This is a small land locked country that is situated in East Africa, and is bordered by Uganda to the north, Tanzania in the East, and Burundi in the south and the DRC in the west Kigali which is the capital city and is easily accessible via the Kigali international Airport.

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This country has also got many tourist attractions

The country has got variety of wildlife that is found in National parks like Akagera , Nyungwe and Volcanoes National park. The history buffs that will reveal the historical and cultural sites. On a muted note, you can also learn about Rwanda’s hard recent history at the genocide memorial museums. The people here are so friendly, the culture is unique across the world and the country is picturesque as they come and is filled with greenery as well as the rolling hills. Volcanoes is the top tourist attraction in Rwanda and below is what you expect to view from this park.

  • Mountain Gorilla trekking

Gorilla trekking with Volcanoes National park is second in attracting tourists to the country and these gorillas are critically endangered species, with fewer of 900 left in the whole world. Time is also running out to see these giants with in their natural habitats, which is why this adventure is at the top for most of the visitors lists. Volcanoes National park has got 11 habituated gorilla families including; Amahoro , Ugenda, Sabyinyo, Karisismbi, Umubano and many more. Each of the gorilla group can be viewed by a maximum of 8 people per day. To visit, you need to book a permit in advance and its costs $750 per person. There is a maximum of over 88 permits that are on offer and are given on first come basis.

Mountain gorilla trekking also starts early in the morning with an assembly at the park headquarters for a briefing about the activity. This is also followed by the hike through the bamboo forest of the park as you keep your eyes open to spot the gorillas in their natural habitats. The trek takes from 1 to 6 hours depending on the movement of these mountain gorillas across their habitant. You will spend a maximum of one hour with the gorillas, where you will be able to take photos as well as videos. The trekkers are also accompanied by the guides who are well informed about the different wildlife with in the park and will help along the trek. They could also carry your day pack of offer a helping hand in case to get stuck in the mud!

  • Golden Monkey Tracking

The Rare golden Monkeys have also been seen in the Virunga Mountains. Tracking them is another famous activity with in Volcanoes National park. A glance to these creatures is known to be a wonderful lifetime adventure. Many visitors book 3 day gorilla safari to also experience the golden monkeys in Volcanoes National park. Like the mountain gorillas, this activity also starts in the morning with an early assembly at Kinigi park headquarters. However, the golden monkey trekking is more active that gorilla tracking, so you will be finished by around mid-day. The permits for golden Monkey tracking costs $ 100 per person.

  • A Hike to Dian Fossey Tomb

Volcanoes Park can also added up with a hike to the tomb of the late Dian Fossey. Dian Fossey was a famous American primatologist who spent most of her time so close to two decates with in the park studying the gorillas. The biopic of her life was made into the movie known as gorillas in the mist. She was killed by the poachers in 1985 and her grave is snuggled between the beautiful volcanic peaks of Karisimbi and Bisoke just near the Karisismbi Research Center.this hike through the forest to the tomb also takes about six hours. Along the way, you may be so lucky to view some elephants, buffalos, primates, golden monkeys and the mountain gorillas.

  • Mountain Hiking

The adventurous tourists can also mix gorilla trekking with mountain hiking.Mount Bisoke at 3,700m above sea level with a very deep crater lake on the top. Hiking this mount doesn’t need experience, you only need to be physically fit due to the high elevation and the length of the climb. The whole of the trek will take five days to seven days and this depends on your speed and the frequency of the stops.

Mountain Karisismbi is also the second highest volcano in Virunga ranges and will take two days and one night to be completed. At the top of the Volcano, you will be able to see the other five volcanoes and the twin lakes. Just near the summit is the Crater Lake that features the drier vegetation than other parts of the park, with the giant heather that grows all over the slopes of the Volcano.

  • The Guided walks and Mountain Bikes adventure

There are many guided and the unguided walks that are carried out around Volcanoes National park. One of the most famous walks will take you to Musanze market, hwere the visitors can interact with the locals. The national park also has a nature walk to the twin lakes of Ruhodo and Burera, you can move around the lakes as you take the photos and the videos of the scenery as you go. In case you don’t want to move, you will use a canoe.

There is also the Nyange community walk that is designed to show you all the aspects about the Village life of Rwanda. The guided walk through Nyange community will also allow you to see how the locals work and earn a living. You will move to the homes of the ironsmiths, mat makers, local banana beer brewers and the carpenters.

You will as well see and in case you choose to participate in the preparation of the traditional Rwanda food and also tasting it.

The other option might be a visit to the Iby Iwacu cultural village which is at the edge of Volcanoes National park. There are also many cultural performances that are held here, the Iby’Iwacu cultural village are convinced ex poachers to turn back on gorilla poaching and now days make a living out of the tourists.A tour to this village give you a chance to see the traditional house of a local king as well as the herbal mixtures that are organized by a medical man. You can as well as take part in arrow and bow shooting or also enjoy the Kinyarwanda cultural music, dance and drumming session by the locals.